Placement Exams for World Languages Courses

Would you like to take a French or Spanish course, but you do not know which one is right for you? The U of A can help you decide through free placement exams.

The Department of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures offers placement exams for students who plan to enroll in self-paced online courses or semester-based courses, online or on campus. These exams can help you pick a course appropriate to your knowledge level. Follow the instructions below.

More information about placement exams is available on the World Languages, Literatures & Cultures website.

Currently Enrolled University of Arkansas Students

Non-University of Arkansas Students

  • Complete an enrollment request and select "Unsure of course level; need to take placement exam" for French and/or Spanish from the drop-down list of courses.
  • Detailed instructions to access the placement exam will be sent to you by U of A Global Campus staff at the email address entered on the enrollment request form.

For a beginning student, the normal sequence of courses is:

Elementary I (1003) Elementary II (1013) Intermediate I (2003) Intermediate II (2013)

Graduate Students Reading Proficiency

Graduate students who need to demonstrate reading proficiency in a foreign language DO NOT need to take the placement exams listed above. The appropriate courses used to demonstrate reading proficiency are:

Students should submit an enrollment request and select the desired course (listed above) from the drop-down list of courses on the form. If a course does not appear on the drop-down list, the course is at capacity and is temporarily closed for enrollment.