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Listen Up! Podcasts to Elevate Your Summer Goals

What are your plans this summer? Will you be lounging poolside or at the beach with a good read? Summer is the season of fun and relaxation and it is also a crucial time to keep your academic goals in sight.

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Online Degree Programs

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University of Arkansas Online programs give you the flexibility to balance family, work and school responsibilities. You do not have to put your life on hold while working toward a better one. Online programs are designed by academic departments on the Fayetteville campus to offer you another path to earning a degree from a top-tier public research university.

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Online Students Pay In-State Tuition

Students in an approved online degree program pay in-state tuition, have access to the U of A's support network, and become part of a long-standing community of passionate learners.

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We’ll Help You Get and Stay on Course

The Student Liaison Office is here to help you get enrolled, stay on track, and navigate life as an online student. There is no shame in asking for directions on your road from application to graduation. So, ask away! We are always here to help point you in the right direction.

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Success Stories

From Our Online Students and Graduates

My degree is a three-part degree—sociology, rural families and communities, and history. What I've learned so far is helping me communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. If you don't have the same demographic, you can sometimes be ignorant of a situation.

The realistic part for me was that I had to keep a full-time job. It was definitely the big reason for choosing the Professional Master of Applied Business Analytics. ... So for me it was just finding a good program that had good balance and high quality expectations and support. I...

The interdisciplinary degree allows us to look at problems from a multidisciplinary angle. Instead of just looking at problems head on, we can pull from different areas. In the job I'm doing now, I've been where the people that I'm helping have been. I work with the prosecutor in my...

I feel we’re all lifelong learners, and adults learn differently than children. They have different mindsets. They’re not so passive, they’re active, and that’s really the main thing.

 The Online Learner

What does it take to be a successful online student at the U of A? What jobs can you pursue with an online degree? What’s special about U of A educators? The Online Learner blog describes the U of A learner experience and introduces the innovative people who shape those  experiences.

Interdisciplinary Studies Come Together for Businesswoman

Heather Wilson-Vinson built a successful career in corporate marketing, brand strategy marketing, employer branding and recruitment marketing over more than 20 years. What she didn’t have was a bachelor’s degree and, when she lost a client for that reason, ...

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Studying in an Online Degree Program: Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you considering enrolling in an online degree program? It’s both exciting and challenging because you don’t know what you don’t know, am I right? The University of Arkansas has analyzed questions asked by hundreds of prospective ...

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Online Training Focuses on Leadership Development for a Better Workplace

People from across the United States say they were inspired to work for a more welcoming workplace by what they learned in a University of Arkansas online training program that focuses on leadership development. The participants said that Awareness, Belonging ...

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U of A Offers New Online Programs in High-Demand Fields

The University of Arkansas is excited to introduce a range of new online programs designed to help you grow and succeed in your career. Whether you're looking to deepen your expertise or explore new fields, we have something for you. ...

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