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Credit Hours

Tuition / credit hour $437.54
Fee / credit hour  
Library $4.16
Network & Data Systems $11.10
Off-campus $30
Online Facilities $2

Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2022 rates for students studying completely online. If an online student takes a course on campus, tuition and fees will differ.

Certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid.

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Become a licensed adult educator. Take online courses from the College of Education and Health Professions to satisfy the requirements for Adult Education Licensure, awarded by the Arkansas Department of Education.

This licensure validates your knowledge and skills in the multifaceted field of adult education. State agencies hire adult educators to prepare adults to take General Educational Development (GED) tests or college entrance exams. Other educators work with family literacy, workforce development or correctional programs.

The courses required for the licensure plan can be applied toward requirements for a Master of Education in Adult and Lifelong Learning degree.


Required Courses

To satisfy state licensure requirements, students must complete the following 15 credit hours and internship requirements (see below).

  • ADLL 5113 - Perspectives in Adult Education (Fall)
  • ADLL 5123 - Principles & Practices of Adult Learning (Fall)
  • ADLL 5133 - Curriculum Development in ABE & ASE (Spring)
  • ADLL 5143 - Instructional Strategies & Assessment in Adult Education (Summer)
  • ADLL 5153 - Organization & Administration of ADLL Programs (Spring)


Internship Requirements

Students employed by a state-approved adult education program are not required to complete an internship. Those who are not are required to complete an internship (not online): ADLL 5213 Internship (Spring and Fall), in addition to the 15 credit hours listed above.

Once courses are successfully completed, students apply for licensure through the Arkansas Department of Education. Course requirements are subject to change, and applicants must meet the current licensure requirements at the time of application. More detailed information is available on the program website.

Internship (not online) required for anyone not employed by a state-approved adult education program.

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