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The flexibility of online learning empowers you to find your place at the University of Arkansas no matter where you work and live. You can feel that sense of pride as you study with renowned faculty, exchange ideas with peers, walk in commencement exercises, and see your name etched in Senior Walk.

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How Online
Learning Works

Take a peek at the tools online students use at the University of Arkansas.

Blackboard Learn is the system that connects you with classes, your professors and other students. Think of Blackboard as your classroom and learning space.


  • Classes
  • Grades
  • Tools
  • Resources

The syllabus in each class will let you know the best ways to connect with your professor or ask questions. Office hours listed on the syllabus are times set aside by faculty to talk with students.


  • Ask for an online meeting during your instructor’s office hours
  • Connect by email, phone or through your course in Blackboard

Faculty will notify you of the books you need through syllabi or UAConnect. You can order textbooks through the U of A Bookstore or any place that sells books. Paper or digital formats are available.

Find the textbooks you need

The class syllabus will explain how you will take exams, quizzes and other assessments online and when they are due. Some exams require a proctor, who monitors you while you’re taking an exam.

No one expects you to know everything. Ask for help and take advantage of resources that will help you succeed. Be proactive.

Set Goals
Understand what you want to accomplish and break goals into smaller, manageable tasks.

Prioritize Tasks
Rank tasks by importance and tackle difficult and deadline-sensitive tasks first.

Make a Schedule
Set specific times on your calendar to complete your tasks.

Minimize Interruptions
Create a space and set times that allow you to focus your attention on tasks.

Avoid Procrastination
Complete tasks on schedule to avoid stress and producing poor, rushed outcomes.

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Don’t panic. You are not alone. Computer and tech experts can help you solve issues and walk you through solutions.

  • Support by phone, chat or email
  • How-to tutorials
  • Passwords
  • Issues with exam proctoring

Get started with tech.

  • Activating an account
  • UARK email
  • Getting software, some of which is free to students

UAConnect is the system that holds student records. Think of it as an administrative office that holds records, transcripts and financial information.

Where you can:

  • Select classes
  • Pay bills
  • Get financial aid information
  • See unofficial transcripts

Studying online adds a new dimension to your life.

It can feel like a juggling act to balance your priorities, but thousands of successful online students have done it. In the last 10 years, more than 8,000 students have earned their degrees online from the University of Arkansas.


  • Stay organized and manage your time intentionally.
  • Talk with your family about their expectations and ask for the support you need.

Online students employed full-time


Online students in bachelor's degree programs study part-time


Online students in graduate degree programs study part-time


Online Students are parents

What Is It Like?

Students describe it best. Learn what it is like to study online at the University of Arkansas.


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Video - What is it like to work with faculty online

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My degree is a three-part degree—sociology, rural families and communities, and history. What I've learned so far is helping me communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. If you don't have the same demographic, you can sometimes be ignorant of a situation.

The realistic part for me was that I had to keep a full-time job. It was definitely the big reason for choosing the Professional Master of Applied Business Analytics. ... So for me it was just finding a good program that had good balance and high quality expectations and support. I...

The interdisciplinary degree allows us to look at problems from a multidisciplinary angle. Instead of just looking at problems head on, we can pull from different areas. In the job I'm doing now, I've been where the people that I'm helping have been. I work with the prosecutor in my...

I feel we’re all lifelong learners, and adults learn differently than children. They have different mindsets. They’re not so passive, they’re active, and that’s really the main thing.

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In most cases, the faculty and instructors who teach on the University of Arkansas campus are the people who teach your online courses.

Your instructor will provide clear instructions for turning in each assignment, whether you post it in Blackboard Learn, email it, type it into a blog, etc.

Quizzes and exams are administered in a variety of ways:

  • Online though Blackboard with your Internet browser
  • As a “take home” project where you complete it offline and then submit it at a later date

Blackboard Learn is a course management system that is used for most U of A online courses. Once you are registered, your course will become available as a link when the semester begins. You will securely log in to your course with your main university user ID and password. The homepage for Blackboard is

Read about a student's experience with advising in this The Online Learner blog story.

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You must apply and be admitted to the U of A to register for classes through UAConnect, the Integrated Student Information System used by the U of A. Once you have access to UAConnect, you can go to your online “Student Center” to learn when your enrollment period begins.

Students are expected to have a dedicated computer. All specifications are listed for each academic college on the UA Bookstore site.