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Tuition / credit hour $596.80
Fee / credit hour
Program $321.86
Course Material $50
Off-campus $30

Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2023 rates.

Certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid.

Four Specialties - Blended Delivery


Tailor your education to suit your career goals by choosing from four tracks in the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Systems program from the Sam M. Walton College of Business:

Credit hours earned in one of the four concentrations may also be applied to the online Professional Master of Information Systems or face-to-face Master of Science in Statistics / Analytics degree programs. While most coursework is completed online, students in this program also meet multiple times each semester on the Fayetteville campus on designated Saturdays.


Business Analytics

This program combines business and IT skills, empowering you to find value in massive datasets, improve the quality of data processes, and increase the speed you and your organization can make decisions. You can build a solid foundation in the effective management and use of relational and dimensional data, the application of statistical decision-making theory, and the exploration and use of data through advanced data mining tools.

Walton College provides students with access to multiple enterprise systems platforms and tools from IBM, Microsoft, SAP, SAS and Teradata. Platforms are coupled with large, real-world datasets from some of the planet’s most prominent companies. Students completing this certificate may be eligible to receive a certificate endorsed by the SAS Institute.

Application Deadline: July 1

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Cybersecurity and Data

Employees with cybersecurity knowledge are in high demand. Learn about how to apply best industry practices to minimize data collection, protect client and individual privacy, and otherwise further ethical data management. Students not only learn not only about cybersecurity, crime, and privacy law, but also about techniques of risk assessment, continuity planning, and threat detection.

Offered Fall 2024



Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems are used by almost all Fortune 500 companies, and most of those companies use SAP. As a member of the SAP University Alliance, the Walton College provides students with hands-on experience using ERP software and strategies.

Executives from local, national, and multinational companies consider ERP experience to be a significant differentiating factor when reviewing resumes and selecting candidates for job interviews.

Application Deadline: May 1

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Blockchain Enterprise Systems

Upgrade your business skills to include a working knowledge blockchain systems, which are increasingly moving to the business forefront.

Begin with a managerial view focusing on helping organizations determine the scenarios under which blockchain technologies (Hyperledger and Ethereum) can or should fit into an organizations’ IT architecture.

Blockchain technologies are trusted distributed ledger technologies that traditionally served as the foundational architecture underlying cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoin, etc.) and now as distributed applications and databases. Blockchains are currently used by many companies for applications ranging from strategic management of day-to-day operations to customer insights to retail analytics to supply chain technology in an effort to develop and maintain a competitive edge.

Application Deadline: May 1

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