The online African and African American Studies (AAST) minor provides a broad understanding of the global and historical impact of Africans and African Americans. These courses will help you develop a holistic world view and prepare you to advance social consciousness and promote diversity, inclusion and equity in business and community settings.

AAST courses are some of the most diverse at the University of Arkansas, exposing you to a diversity of people and thought. By exploring history, political science, sociology and similar topics, you can enhance your emotional intelligence and learn how to use tools to influence positive change and social justice.

This minor from the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences is an interdisciplinary program of study that expands on the core disciplines of a traditional liberal arts education. Explore history, culture and the identity of Africans and African Americans, while gaining insights that can broaden your professional opportunities.


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For students in the online BA in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program or U of A degree-seeking students:

In order to add this minor, students must consult their advisers for their academic majors.

Why African and African American Studies?   (video length 2:46)

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  • Critically evaluate scholarly works on African and African American studies
  • Describe the basic principles guiding African and African American studies discourse
  • Demonstrate knowledge of research techniques, documentation, organization, style and mechanics of academic writing
  • Apply African- and African American-centered theories, approaches, concepts and empirical research to multiple disciplines


Required Course 3 hours

  • AAST 10003 - Introduction to African and African American Studies

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Select Three of the Following 9 hours