Gain an understanding of transatlantic literature from its beginnings in 1640 to the present along with an appreciation of the cultural and historical trends that influenced it in nine hours of the coursework required for this undergraduate minor. Options for an additional nine hours of coursework include various types of writing, critical thinking about literature and culture, folklore, linguistics, film, popular culture, and the literature of many other cultures. This undergraduate minor can be combined with two additional minors, a total of two that must be offered by Fulbright College, to satisfy the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.


Choose nine hours from these courses:

  • ENGL 2053 - Transatlantic Literature from Beginnings to 1640
  • ENGL 2063 - Transatlantic Literature from 1640 to 1865
  • ENGL 2073 - Transatlantic Literature from 1865 to 1945
  • ENGL 2083 - Transatlantic Literature from 1945 to Present

And 9 hours from ENGL and/or WLIT courses 3000-level or higher.

For students in the online BA in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program or U of A degree-seeking students:

In order to add this minor, students must consult their advisers for their academic majors.