Earn a credential that enhances your professional value, right now and throughout your career. The National Association of Colleges and Employers identifies Oral/Written Communication as one of the top 4 competencies for career readiness. 

You can ready yourself for career advancement by learning how to write effectively in the workplace. Through this intensive writing program, you will learn to apply effective strategies, concepts, and techniques in any field. Those who master written communications, and can adapt those skills to a variety of needs, are valued and sought after. You can be that effective communicator.


You Will Learn To:

  • Write clearly and effectively in a variety of contexts and fields.
  • Identify and apply writing strategies for specific audiences, purposes, and disciplines.
  • Communicate technical information with accuracy and clarity.
  • Adapt and apply transferable skills to the types of writing required throughout your career.
  • Develop the creativity and problem-solving skills required for many writing tasks.
  • Communicate confidently with people inside and outside your workplace.


Courses 15 hours

Students must complete 15 credit hours (5 courses) from the list below.

  • ENGL 20003 - Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 20103 - Essay Writing
  • ENGL 30503 - Technical and Professional Writing
  • ENGL 36003 - Topics in Rhetoric and Composition: Social Media Writing
  • ENGL 49003 - Studies in Rhetoric and Composition: Editing and Document Design


For students in the online BA in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program or U of A degree-seeking students:

In order to add this minor, students must consult their advisers for their academic majors.