Environmental Resiliency: See What You Can Accomplish

May 30, 2024 | by Jo Ann Kvamme, assistant director, Environmental Dynamics |   min read

If you are interested in environmental resiliency, new courses available this fall from the University of Arkansas could be exactly what you are looking for. They may be taken as standalone courses, or they may be used in stackable graduate microcertificates, graduate certificates or a master’s degree.

The Graduate School and International Education’s Environmental Dynamics (ENDY) Program and Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design collaborated to develop the Environmental Resiliency courses and degree. I have always been an environmentalist at heart, and sustainability and resiliency always made sense to me. For 22 years, I have been the assistant director of Environmental Dynamics, the first interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at the U of A. Over the years, our students have delved into vastly different research interests regarding human and environmental interactions.

Since my job was to facilitate student success, I learned about many aspects of the environment and its interplay with humans. When sustainability and, later, resiliency became areas of research, our students also moved to address these areas.


Expert Feedback

While many of our students move into academic jobs, nearly half have chosen to go into governmental positions, non-governmental organizations, business, or private practice. At one point, I was speaking with some of our graduates about courses they thought would be useful to students or employees who wanted to better understand sustainability or resiliency. These topics were becoming of great importance as companies prepare for the future.

Our graduates told me about courses important for: 1) people interested in sustainability and resiliency jobs in the future, 2) those in jobs where this subject matter could help them progress up the corporate ladder or make them a more crucial employee, or 3) those interested in learning what this is all about and who may be thinking about a career change.

The rest is history; our ENDY graduates suggested courses, offered to develop them, and TEACH them! The partnership between the Graduate School and International Education and the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design resulted in an even stronger program that looks at these important topics from additional perspectives.


Courses On Point

We listened to professionals who know what they would like to see as skill sets of new and existing employees; we read where new job growth is likely to occur; and we created a program that is 100% asynchronous online to meet the needs of working people. To balance with work, all of our courses are eight weeks each. We offer courses year-round with the idea of maximizing times during the year when additional time commitments are possible. Financial incentives include in-state tuition that everyone receives.

We offer an outstanding education for a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, with resiliency. We have focus areas to assist with how to measure progress in sustainability and resilience and to help with leadership and communications skills.


Fulfilling Your Needs

We are excited to offer personal assistance to each student to optimize the time for graduation from your academic program. We take a personal interest in each student; we want to understand your needs and goals, from application to graduation.

Our courses are all online and taught by working professionals. The professional master’s degree (30 hours, or 10 courses, and no thesis), a graduate certificate (15 hours, or 5 courses), or a microcertificate (9 hours, or 3 courses) are available for what best suits your needs. We also allow you to stack degrees using one course for more than one degree maximizing your tuition dollars and your skill sets.

We work with you to help you gain skills for a new career, assist you in becoming a more valuable employee, or increase your understanding of what is needed to help us all move toward a more resilient and sustainable future.

Join us to become part of a growing trend for more sustainable and resilient practices in business, governmental agencies, and NGOs and to obtain a better understanding of what is needed to move us toward a future we all want.

Between the courses all being offered 100% online and taught by some of the best people, I know you cannot go wrong. What are you waiting for? YOUR world is waiting!

For fall, we will offer:

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Environmental Resiliency Online Programs

These online programs are designed for professionals who already work in a field in which environmental issues are important or for those who want to pursue careers that address such issues. The University of Arkansas offers different online graduate programs for the advanced study of resiliency in the context of sustainability, climate and environmental change.

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