Pedagogy Toolkit Podcast Designed to Assist Online Instructors

July 20, 2023  |  by Vicki Martin and Heidi Wells, Global Campus

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Instructional designers at the University of Arkansas Global Campus have created a podcast to inform and support online instructors.

The role of the Global Campus is to support U of A colleges and schools in the development and delivery of online, distance and workforce education programs and courses. It provides instructional design services, technology services and assistance with marketing, recruiting and strategic academic development.

So, when a group of Global Campus instructional designers saw a way to combine their knowledge and insight with their desire to share that expertise and the technology to make it happen, they plunged headfirst into podcasting.

Cheryl Murphy, vice provost for distance education at the U of A, presented the Global Campus' Lightbulb Award to five members of the Instructional Design and Support Services team for their outstanding work creating the Pedagogy Toolkit podcast.

"When we make space for creativity, great things happen," Murphy said.

Ken Muessig, instructional design manager and immediate supervisor for the team, also credited the team's initiative.

"The idea for this podcast sparked something in this group, and they took the initiative to make it happen," Muessig said. "This podcast is another one of the ways that our team helps to inform and support all the instructors who teach online for the University of Arkansas. Even though the podcast is targeted to our campus, a lot of the information and conversation is universal to higher education. I'm excited to see how far this will reach."

All topics will revolve around and support the art or science of teaching, the function and work of a teacher, and instructional methods used in instruction — in other words, pedagogy. They can be found on the Pedagogy Toolkit podcast website and on multiple podcast and listening platforms.

The intent of the podcasts is to build a community of online instructors. It will provide faculty and instructors with a wide range of resources to aid in their online instruction. Podcasts will discuss diverse trends in education, best practices, learning theory, clarify the science behind teaching and explain why pedagogy matters in higher education. A variety of voices and cohosts — subject matter experts such as authors, technical experts and educators — will guide the discussion. As the podcasts gain traction, the podcasters intend to interview instructors who have benefited from the podcast.

In effect, anyone who wants to improve their online instruction can listen to what is being implemented at Global Campus and learn how to make it work in their own individual context.

The team to receive the award consists of five instructional designers — Charini Urteaga, Camie Wood, Amalie Holland, James E. Martin and Alex Dowell.

Episodes of the Pedagogy Toolkit podcast include:

  • An Ultra Weapon of Mass Instruction
  • Low Stakes, High Rewards: Cracking the Code to Successful Assessments
  • Small Bites, Big Insights: How Micro-lectures Get Courses Cooking
  • Minds of Metal: Harnessing AI's Potential for Redefining Literacy
  • Moving Clock-Wise: Time Management in Online Courses
  • Beyond the Bubble Sheet: A Look at Alternative Assessments

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Heidi Wells

Content Strategist

Heidi Wells is the content strategist for the Global Campus at the University of Arkansas and editor of The Online Learner. Her writing spans more than 30 years as a communicator at the U of A and a reporter and editor at Arkansas newspapers. Wells earned two degrees from the U of A: a master's in 2013 and a bachelor's in 1988.

Wells can be reached at or 479-575-7239.

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