The number of K-12 online courses is on the rise, and so is the demand for teachers who can thrive in this online environment. Teaching online can be very different than in traditional face-to-face settings. The online classroom requires a K-12 teacher to use various technologies and new forms of communication, engagement and assessment that may or may not be utilized in traditional classrooms.

This certificate program builds on your existing knowledge and prepares you to be successful in this new, online teaching setting.  You can expand your expertise to include knowledge of curriculum models, instructional methods, technologies, assessment techniques, and best practices used in fully online K-12 teaching environments. You will learn to plan for, create, provide, and assess effective instruction within online K-12 environments. 

If you are a certified, practicing teacher in Arkansas public schools, you also can earn Online Teaching, Grades K-12 Arkansas licensure through completion of the graduate certificate and passing the Arkansas state licensure exam.