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Credit Hours

For students in the online BA in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program or U of A degree-seeking students.

In order to add this minor, students must consult their advisors for their academic majors.

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School of Social Work

Social Work Minor Website

Improving the Quality of Life of Others

The Bachelor's in Social Work program at the University of Arkansas was established in 1940 and is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. However, a minor in social work is not recognized by the Council on Social Work Education.

This Social Work minor is available only to degree-seeking students at the University of Arkansas.


Six required courses:

Any other nine (9) hours of social work electives:

  • SCWK 3013 - Child Advocacy I: Perspectives on Child Maltreatment and Child Advocacy
  • SCWK 3163 - On Death and Dying
  • SCWK 3233 - Contemporary Issues in Juvenile Justice
  • SCWK 3633 - Child Welfare: 21st Century Perspectives
  • SCWK 4013 - Child Advocacy II: Professional and System Responses to Child Maltreatment
  • SCWK 4023 - Child Advocacy III: Responding to the Survivor of Child Abuse
  • SCWK 405V - Special Topics: Ethics and Aging
  • SCWK 405V - Special Topics: Grant Writing for Social Work
  • SCWK 405V - Special Topics: Global Issues in Child Welfare
  • SCWK 4213 - The Diagnosis and Treatement of Substance Abuse Disorders
  • SCWK 4093 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
  • SCWK 4143 - Addiction and the Family
  • SCWK 4173 - Social Work with African American Families
  • SCWK 4183 - Social Work With Elders
  • SCWK 4253 -  Spirituality and Social Work Practice
  • SCWK 4333 - Social Work Practice I


Other information

The pace at which the online minor can be completed varies. It is recommended that the course of study occur over three semesters.

Often time individuals holding a social science degree obtain employment in human service or social work related fields. Although the minor does not meet the requirements for social work licensure, it would allow the student a stronger understanding of the human experience in the help seeking process and serves as a nice compliment to many other majors.