STEM Preparation Program Online

Online STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Preparation Program

What is the STEM Preparation Program?

The STEM Preparation Program is designed for students at two-year colleges in Arkansas who are interested in a degree in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). If you are enrolled at an Arkansas community college, this program will allow you to take University of Arkansas science, engineering and math classes online. Classes will be taught by University of Arkansas professors and offered at the same price as tuition at your two-year college. The University of Arkansas will begin offering classes through this program in the spring of 2014.


Will these classes lead to a degree?

Classes offered through the STEM Preparation Program will count toward an associate’s degree at a two-year college, and they will count toward an engineering, science or math degree at the University of Arkansas. You can also transfer them to other colleges and universities, inside or outside the state of Arkansas. Your adviser can help you decide which classes are right for your degree plans and educational goals.


Who qualifies for this program?

These classes will be available to students enrolled in any of the two-year colleges in Arkansas.

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How to Apply

  • Available to students at two year colleges in Arkansas
  • Classes count toward a degree in science, engineering or math

Estimated Cost

  • Each course cost is the same as the current cost at your two-year institution. Please contact your treasurer's office for details.

More Information

Please call 479-575-7780 or

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College of Engineering

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