Student Story

Kelly Johnson

Fort Worth, TX

Kelly Johnson

"I have always wanted to be an RN, and kept having obstacles that stopped me, but I am dedicated to complete this dream of mine."


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Twenty-five students studying online at the University of Arkansas received the W.E. Manning Memorial Scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year. Below is an interview in question-and-answer format with one of the winners of the scholarship that describes the daily life of a student studying online, as well as providing information on how to be successful. This interview is one of a series focusing on knowledge you can use to advance your education and your career, too.

Q: Please give us some background information: where you live, your occupation and primary job duties, family.

A: I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas. I am a licensed vocational nurse of 13 years, and I work at a physician office.

Q: How do you feel about receiving the W.E. Manning Memorial Scholarship Award? How will receiving it help you achieve your educational and professional goals?

A: Receiving the scholarship award has been a blessing and has helped me accomplish my goals of becoming an RN and still being able to work.

Q: What is your degree and when will it be awarded?

A: Bachelor of Science in Nursing fall of 2022.

Q: What are your plans after you receive your degree?

A: To stay at my current company and work as an RN.

Q: Where do you foresee your career going in the future?

A: I plan on going back to school to receive my master’s degree.

Q: What inspired you to pursue an undergraduate degree?

A: I have always wanted to be an RN, and kept having obstacles that stopped me, but I am dedicated to complete this dream of mine.

Q: How long have you worked as a nurse and what is your current level of licensure? Are there any particular specialty fields that interest you?

A: I have worked as a nurse for 13 years, and I am interested in being an operating room nurse.

Q: Your profession has manned the front lines in the struggles against COVID from the earliest days of the pandemic. How has the pandemic affected your career and your education?

A: Honestly, the pandemic didn’t affect my job or education; I was able to keep doing both without any problems.

Q: How did you learn about our program?

A: I actually did some searches on Youtube and came across a video about the school.

Q: What made you decide to choose an online rather than in-person degree program?

A: I chose online because I need to work to support my son and I can’t do in-person due to scheduling.

Q: How does studying online work with your professional life and family needs?

A: It can be very busy and stressful, but I am dedicated to it, so I just put my all into it.

Q: What was it like to meet with your adviser? How did that work?

A: I loved my adviser and all the staff were very helpful and considerate.

Q: Did you transfer any previous course credits to the U of A? If so, what was the experience like? How did you know which classes would transfer and how to complete the process?

A: Yes, I was able to transfer all of my course credits and the process was so easy.

Q: Do you want to share information about how you funded your education in addition to this scholarship?

A: Paid out-of-pocket

Q: What is it like to be an online student on a daily basis?

A: Stressful but it can be done.

Q: What university resources and supports have you used (i.e., library, Writing Studio, tutoring, supplemental instruction, student activities and clubs, virtual events)? How did you access those services? Did you find them helpful?

A: Library, help from instructors, and other students in study groups.

Q: What strategies and tools do you use to stay in touch with your professors and classmates? Do you use any non-university tools to communicate with your peers like social media or apps?

A: Mostly emails

Q: Would you recommend this degree program?

A: Yes, I would.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who might be considering studying online?

A: It’s a lot of work but it can be done with dedication.