Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Online

The field of nursing is changing. Are you ready?

Research published by Health Affairs in 2019 show hospitals with more nurses who earned BSNs produce better outcomes for patients after cardiac arrest. This program - open to Arkansans only - can help registered LPN’s advance your career and stay competitive in the job market.

Professional nursing begins with a bachelor’s degree because it provides a theoretical and practical foundation needed to improve acute and chronic patient care. Learn key nursing concepts to address health care needs in diverse settings, including hospitals, schools, clinical offices, and other environments.


What is the Benefit of Earning a BSN?

  • Career advancement and mobility
  • Increased earning potential compared to diploma and associate nursing graduates
  • Establishes an academic foundation for graduate and/or doctoral studies
  • Strengthen analytical and clinical reasoning skills
  • Preparation for a broader scope of practice
  • Enhance understanding of social, cultural, political, and economic issues impacting the health care delivery and outcomes


LPN to BSN Degree Qualifications

48 credit hours of courses listed below to be completed must be completed with grade of C or above, prior to taking nursing courses, most of which are offered online:

  • English Composition I & II - 6 hours
  • Fine Arts - 3 hours
  • Humanities - 3 hours
  • U.S. History or U.S. Government - 3 hours
  • Math (college algebra or higher) - 3 hours
  • Social Sciences - 9 hours
  • Human Anatomy with lab - 4 hours
  • Human Physiology with lab - 4 hours
  • Chemistry with lab - 4 hours
  • Microbiology with lab - 4 hours
  • Statistics - 3 hours
  • Electives - 2 hours

You can also transfer some or all of your prerequisite courses from another regionally accredited institution like a community college. You can see how courses taken at another institution would transfer to the U of A using our Transfer Planning Guide.

  • Flexible degree plans
  • Most classes are taught in 8-week terms
  • To apply for the program you must:
    • Be a Licensed Practicing Nurse
    • Have 2,000 hours of work experience at the LPN-license level in the last 12-24 months
    • Reside in a state in which the state board has approved the program
      (see current list in the State Authorization section at the bottom of this page)
    • TEAS score of 65% or higher needed prior to nursing program application
      (score cannot be more than two years old)
  • All admissions are processed initially at the University level and students are admitted as Pre-nursing students. Once admitted to the UA, transfer credits are evaluated by an academic adviser. Most required prerequisites are available in an online format.
  • If all prerequisites and other program requirements are met, the student could then apply to be admitted to the nursing program for the next available term. (See application deadline information)
  • Some qualifying students can apply for an application fee waiver.


Tuition / credit hour $329.22
Fee / credit hour
Library $4.41
Network & Data Systems $12.10
Off-Campus $30
Online Facilities $2
Clinical Practicum $171.10 x 15
ATI Resource $514 x 4

Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2023 rates for students studying completely online. Students in online programs who take an on-campus course will pay on-campus fees, mandatory and college fees, for only the on-campus course.

Financial Aid  

For more information about additional fees (e.g. badge, uniform, and background check) please visit the Nursing Department website.


Learn how credits can transfer into our online programs.

Transfer Information 


Why Study at the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing?

  • EMSON’s BSN program is CCNE accredited
  • Study and complete practicums in your own geographic area
  • Program advisers are dedicated to student-centered learning and excellence in nursing education
  • Program graduates have the option to have their name engraved in the U of A Senior Walk

The Eleanor Mann School of Nursing designed the program for working nurses who want to earn a bachelor's degree to advance in their field. This flexibility allows nursing professionals the ability to balance work, family and study. Student services support online students along the path to graduation.

Recommendations for Success

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses early is essential for long-term success as an LPN-BSN student.

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Important Notice

Applications for the LPN to BSN program will be limited to Arkansas residents only. The program is pausing admissions to students outside of Arkansas to better serve our current students and bolster resources for future students.

Four Step Application Process


Be Admitted to the University of Arkansas

  • Complete an application to the U of A and select Nursing LPN.
  • Pay application fee in application portal.
  • Send official transcripts to Registrar.
  • Receive decision notification by e-mail.
  • You can be admitted in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.


  Deadlines for students needing prerequisite courses:

  • Spring - November 15
  • Fall - July 15
  • Summer - April 1

  Deadlines for Nursing ready students:

  • Spring - November 15
  • Fall - July 15
  • No summer admissions

Attend Advising and Confirm Your Prerequisite Courses Are Finished

  • Review official degree audit with adviser.
  • Make a plan for completing your degree.
  • Students admitted in a specific semester must start classes in that semester.
    If you cannot start classes in the semester you were admitted you will have to reapply and pay the application fee again before you enroll in classes for a future semester.

Complete Any Prerequisites at the U of A Online

Enroll in and successfully complete any remaining prerequisite courses identified in your advising meeting. If you do not enroll in classes in each fall and spring term, you will be discontinued from the U of A. Inactive students must reapply to the University, pay the application fee, and re-apply to the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing, by starting the Four Step Application Process before they may enroll.

Apply to the Nursing Program


Timeline If You Are Nursing Ready

Spring Start Nursing Program Timeline

  • Be admitted to the U of A prior to starting the program application.
  • Deadline to complete the program application is November 15th.
  • Program acceptance notification will be released in December.
  • Nursing classes start in January.

Fall Start Nursing Program Timeline

  • Be admitted to the U of A prior to starting the program application.
  • Deadline to complete program application is July 15.
  • Program acceptance notification will be released in early August.
  • Nursing classes start at the end of August.


Timeline If You Still Need to Complete Nursing Prerequisites

  • All prerequisites need to be completed with a grade of C or above prior to the nursing program application deadline.
  • Admission to the nursing program is only in Spring and Fall.

Job Market Outlook

Explore Job Market

The Pathways career data reflect career information associated with degree programs, and that data may include some jobs that require additional credentials and experience BEYOND the academic degree, including but not limited to professional licensure and certification, additional coursework, and specific training. See " About this data" to learn more about Pathways.

State Authorization

The LPN to BSN program is designed to meet the educational requirements for the occupational license of Registered Nurse. Individual state boards of nursing may regulate out-of-state nursing education programs or clinical placement courses.

 The program will only admit students in Arkansas. Although the program is approved to serve students in other states, it will not admit new students in these states.

The University of Arkansas LPN to BSN program is approved by the following state boards of nursing to enroll students & utilize clinical placements in their states : Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming, but is currently only accepting applications from students in Arkansas.

While the program is approved by the following state boards of nursing to enroll students in Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia, extenuating circumstances prevent the program from identifying clinical placements for students. Due to these circumstances, the University of Arkansas will not admit applicants from these states.

The program does not currently meet the requirements to serve students residing in or wishing to complete clinical courses in the following states: Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Washington DC and West Virginia. Territories: Guam and American Samoa.

This degree program requires clinical or internship hours that must be completed in an approved U.S. location or U.S. military base for military personnel.