Student Story

Lisa Schrag

Bentonville, AR
B.A. in Communication

Lisa Schrag

"I plan on using my education to contribute back to the great state of Arkansas, specifically Northwest Arkansas."

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Lisa Schrag sees herself as a person who helps others through the art of communications. She intends to continue assisting others by using her Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree from the University of Arkansas.

“Community organizations and small businesses need people who can help them shape their businesses, create vision plans and bring them together with the resources they need to succeed,” Schrag said. “Grass roots movements are essential to our communities because they raise money, build organizations, raise awareness for issues that affect our local area, and bring people together with a single mission. For them to succeed, they need someone who is willing and able to bring their ideas to a singular vision and connect them with local resources while networking with their customer base. This is what I hope to be.”

Earning a college diploma is a lifelong dream for Schrag, who will be the first person in her family to have a four-year degree, she said.

“Being an online student at the U of A is an honor,” Schrag said. “Higher education isn’t an option for everyone, so it’s something I’ve never taken for granted. Choosing online studies was a necessity for me rather than a choice. I have a husband and four children. I also have a part time job, so I needed college to fit within my schedule.”

Schrag is one of 23 people to receive the W.E. Manning Memorial Scholarship for online U of A students for the 2020-2021 academic year. Her long-term goal is to complete a graduate degree in communications from the University of Arkansas while working with local businesses and grass roots organizations to better her community. Upon completion, she wants to teach in the Department of Communications at the U of A and become a freelance writer for non-profit organizations.

“I like to dream high, and I don’t take this opportunity [to earn a college degree] for granted,” Schrag said. “I plan on using my education to contribute back to the great state of Arkansas, specifically Northwest Arkansas.”