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Tuition / credit hour $255.51
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Library $4.16
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Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2022 rates for students studying completely online. If an online student takes a course on campus, tuition and fees will differ.

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Department of Communication


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Online Communication Degree Program

The art of communicating effectively and efficiently is at the heart of any organization. Businesses, media outlets, nonprofit agencies, government boards: They all need proven communicators who can share a message clearly and quickly.

An online communications degree from the University of Arkansas is a path to reach those goals and your own. You'll learn strategies for clear mass communications across multiple platforms that are used in today's high-tech and fast-paced world.

Communication Degree Careers

Earning your communication degree can lead to options for many careers, including:

  • Marketing communications
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Media careers
  • Media and social media consultation
  • Corporate training
  • Sales and management
  • Fundraising and development


Why Study Communications at the University of Arkansas?

The nationally recognized Department of Communication offers this online degree program to engage you with the dynamics of interpersonal persuasion, the effects of media technologies, the nature of gender stereotypes, the function of roles within the family, the symbolic structure of organizational authority, and the impact of social movements.

Communication majors will explore a curriculum that uniquely blends personal, group, corporate, and social communication and modern message technology and platforms. This program will prepare you for a variety of communication-related occupations, which continue to be in demand through 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The online communication degree prepares you to interact with culturally diverse populations, use new media technologies, develop mass communication strategies in professional settings, participate in First Amendment issues, and become a critical consumer of mediated messages.

Job Market Outlook

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The Pathways career data reflect career information associated with degree programs, and that data may include some jobs that require additional credentials and experience BEYOND the academic degree, including but not limited to professional licensure and certification, additional coursework, and specific training. See " About this data" above to learn more about Pathways.

Success Stories

I think that it's great that there's a scholarship specifically for online students because, especially now with COVID, it's really given online students a spotlight and shows that online education is of no lesser value than traditional face-to-face teaching."

I would (recommend this degree), especially to anybody who needs to be home, who has family obligations, preexisting professional ones or desired professional goals. I would suggest this to anybody who needs flexibility. That’s like the magic word with the online program, its flexibility and control over your schedule."

I plan on using my education to contribute back to the great state of Arkansas, specifically Northwest Arkansas."

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