Student Story

Madelyn Tackett

Tulsa, OK
M.S. in Operations Management

Madelyn Tackett

"I found the program was extremely applicable to real life jobs. It wasn't all just theory."

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For Madelyn Tackett, earning her online Master of Science in Operations Management degree was very attainable.

“The M.S.O.M. program is a unique program that enabled me to round out my business undergrad degree with practical engineering knowledge,” Tackett said. This knowledge transferred immediately to her job. At the time, she was a Senior Quality Control Specialist at Magellan Midstream Partners. Also, she used this knowledge on a daily basis in her current role as Commercial Marketing Analyst.

“The M.S.O.M. helped me to brush up on skills I might have previously been taught and helped me add new skills to my toolbox. I found the program was extremely applicable to real life jobs. It wasn't all just theory,” Tackett said. For example, the Economic Decision-Making class could have been taught for her company specifically. She found this was true in almost every course. Additionally, HR and leadership courses, as well as project management, all played and will continue to play a role in helping her be successful in her career.

“I think this program is great for those who are individual contributors, but it is also applicable and relevant to those in middle management positions,” Tackett said. In regard to the professors, they are all successful in their careers, which give them a different perspective than a lot of her undergrad professors who had only ever taught.

“I would also like to note that while in this program, I was faced with an unfortunate family emergency and also welcomed a baby. I say that to not only say thank you to the two teachers who worked with me, but also to say that this degree is very attainable for those that are willing to work for it. The professors were always accommodating, as long as I communicated,” Tackett said.

“I hope to continue a relationship with the M.S.O.M. staff and am hopeful that maybe someday I could be knowledgeable enough to be Professor Nethercutt 2.0. Thanks for giving me the tools to think more globally, strategically and analytically in my career,” Tackett said.