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February 15, 2024  |  by Chrystal Thomas, Recruiter for Online Programs

Listen up! Life as an online student, and life in general, sometimes feels like navigating a maze. Each turn represents the questions you face while figuring out student life, your career, finances, and passions. How can I change my career path and stop feeling stuck? What can I do to figure out my passion? Who can I ask for help? As you wander through the twisting maze, know that you are not alone in your experiences and there are answers to your questions.

Through podcasts, you will find myriad topics covered by a diverse cast of hosts, experts, and everyday people. Listening to their conversations is a simple way to digest information on topics important to you that can help you reach the success you have defined for yourself. Check out this podcast list for recommendations of some great listens.


How to College: First Gen

How to College: First Gen welcomes you into a community conversation on first-generation college student experiences. First-generation students are those whose parent/guardian/support system did not graduate from a four-year institution. If you are a first-generation student, or wanting to expand your understanding of the college experience, check out How to College: First Gen.

Recommended Listen: Mentors, Sponsors and Coaches


Struggle Care

The struggle is real. It can be challenging to take care of yourself through the rigors of academic life. How can one keep a healthy lifestyle, stay on top of chores, and care for children or older family members without feeling overwhelmed? Sometimes, you just will. KC Davis, a licensed professional counselor, journeys through self-compassion for self-help rejects through the mental health platform of Struggle Care.

Recommended Listen: How to Coach Your Executive Functioning


Good Life Project

Belonging is an important aspect of the college experience. You want to feel welcomed and find a space to grow into your true potential. Thankfully, online students are Razorbacks, and find community through the Online Student Union, a virtual gathering space for peer connections. Take note that an important first step on the journey of belonging is looking within. Which is exactly what the Good Life Project podcast wants you to know. Through intimate and unfiltered conversations with icons and everyday people, you will find inspiration on how to live a fiercely connected life.

Recommended Listen: How To Belong (It’s Not What You Think)


The Happiness Lab

Do you want to be happier? Most of us would answer yes to that question. Given the universal yearning for joy, it is important to understand how to live a life that is happier. In academic spaces, there is an unfortunate trend of students not asking for help. The vulnerability shown when reaching out can be experienced as uncomfortable, decreasing the desire to reach out. Dr. Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology, speaks out against this practice, and uses practical tips and science-backed techniques that help you get to happy.

Recommended Listen: Ask for Help…and Spread Happiness


The Squiggly Careers Podcast

The best career path isn’t always a straight line. This is the title of Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis’ TEDx talk given in 2021, which came four years after the launch of their podcast, Squiggly Careers. The themes of progression, purpose, and resilience are understood by online students. You may have experienced squiggly pathways to degree attainment with family emergencies, career changes and other life events causing you to pause or change course. With Squiggly Careers, you learn how to define your values as you continuously learn and improve, moving toward the career you want.

Recommended Listen: Squiggly Swaps – How to Let Go of Ladder-Like Language

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Chrystal Thomas is a recruiter for online programs for the Global Campus at the University of Arkansas. An interest in the experiences of students has led to working in the higher education sector, where her hope is to help students find paths to achieve their goals. She can be reached at

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