Application Guide

What to Expect on the Application

Expected time to complete admissions process is now 6 to 8 weeks from the time you submit your application, including all required materials.

The application contains many parts, most of which will be completed through the New Student Center. In the portal you will have time to sign in, save, review, and then submit your official application to the University of Arkansas and EMSON. The application has several sections that we will summarize here. After you submit your application, you will then have access to the Materials section of the Application Portal. You will receive a notification when your application is complete.

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  • 2Main Application
  • 3Materials
  • 4Decision
  • 5FAQs

Review Program Information

  • Visit to learn more about the program’s requirements and course progression.
  • LPN to BSN
    • Make sure to have read the entire FAQ on the LPN to BSN program page, with special attention paid to the State Authorization information at the bottom of the page.



Self Evaluation

Consider doing a self-evaluation of your transfer credits so you can:

  1. Have an idea of where you are starting in the program.
  2. Understand what criteria you will be evaluated on as part of the admissions process.


To do this, you'll want to use a copy of your college transcripts and compare them using either our Transfer Planning Guide or the Course Equivalency Guide. If we have an equivalent class for something you have previously taken, you will either receive specific course or elective credit.



Credit is typically awarded for general education course where a C or better was earned. For a course to be accepted and applied towards your degree requirement it must be considered a "direct equivalent" of a course we offer at the U of A. Courses that are not direct equivalent may technically transfer into the U of A, but not count towards your degree.

There are several reasons you may not be able to locate your school in either the Transfer Planning Guide or the Course Equivalency Guide. The most common reason is that the school you attended is not regionally accredited and you should not expect to receive transfer credit from that institution. It may also be that you are the first student to ask for credits to be transferred to the U of A. If you questions about this policy or would like assistance in determining if your school is regionally accredited, please contact your Admissions Counselor or the Online Student Liaison Office.

The class must be considered a "direct equivalent" of something we offer for you to receive credit towards completing the prerequisites so something like American History to 1500 won't be accepted as our History of the American People to 1877, for example.

If you cannot locate a school in either the Transfer Planning Guide or the Course Equivalency Guide, it is likely not regionally accredited and you should not expect to receive transfer credit from that institution. If you have questions about this policy, please contact your Admissions Counselor or the Online Student Liaison Office.




Now that you have an idea of how many transfer credits you are likely to receive once the Registrar’s Office has reviewed your documents, you can determine what your classification will be at the time of admission.

  • If you have fewer than 24 hours of transferable credit, you will be classified as a Transfer Freshman and must have a 3.0 high school GPA, 20 ACT or the Accuplacer equivalent, and a 2.0 college GPA to be eligible for admission.

  • If you have more than 24 hours of transferable credit, you will just need a 2.0 college GPA or higher to be eligible for admission as a New Transfer.



If new information is presented to our processing team during the evaluation of your supporting documents (i.e. transcripts), your classification is subject to change and items may be added or removed from your checklist. It is very important that you check your New Student Center regularly for updates.

Login / Account

   Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute

Subject:  Application Created -University of Arkansas Admissions Application Spring/Summer/Fall

From:  University of Arkansas Admissions (



Personal Background

  Estimated Time of Completion: 3 minutes

Screenshot - Personal Background

Application Screenshot - Personal Background

Click image to enlarge

Example form fields/questions...

  • Name: (Preferred Name, Other Last Names used)

    Applicants must list ALL previous last names, maiden or married, on the application so that all transcripts can be attached to the application in a timely manner.
  • Addresses:  (Permanent Address, Mailing Address,  Email, Phone Numbers, etc.)
  • Gender Identity:  (Birthdate, Birth Place, Native Language, Citizenship, US Social Security Number)
  • Race/Ethnicity:  Colleges and universities are asked by many groups, including the federal government, accrediting associations, college guides, and newspapers, to describe the ethnic/racial backgrounds of their students and employees.



General Information

Screenshot - General Information

Application Screenshot - General Information

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Screenshot - Majors

Application Screenshot - Majors Listing

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  Estimated Time of Completion: 3 minutes

Example form fields/questions...

  • Family Information
  • Personal Information
  • Residence



University Information

  Estimated Time of Completion: 3 minutes

In this section, indicate you want to study in an online program.

Examples and special instructions...

  • Admission Type
    • Degree seeking
    • Have you previously applied?
    • How will you earn your degree?  select Online
    • Major:  select from the list of programs
  • Financial Aid / Scholarships



Academic History

  Estimated Time of Completion: 5 minutes

List each academic institution you have previously attended, even those where no degree was earned or from which transfer credit will not be awarded, such as non-regional schools of nursing. Please be as accurate as possible when listing an institutions names and the dates you attended, as not doing so may also delay your application process.

  • Institution Name
  • Location
  • Date start attended
  • Date attendance ended
  • Level of Study



Test Scores

  Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute

  • Students who transfer in 24 or more collegiate credit hours will not need to take an entrance exam.
  • New Freshmen or students who are transferring in less than 24 collegiate credit hours will need to send in exam scores.
  • ACT and SAT scores less than five years old will be accepted.
  • The Accuplacer is an alternative test option and can be taken at home. Please review the Test Score Policy for more information about your test choices.


LPN Entrance Exam

Starting Fall 2022 UA Admissions
The nursing program will require an ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) test score of 65% taken within the last two years. The test is at the expense of the student and there are options for onsite or remote, the cost varies by testing location. See the ATI website for more information on the ATI website.

Make your test scores available to "U of AR Fayetteville."

TEAS Online Registration Information



Emergency Contacts

  Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute

  • Must list one person and contact information



Online Nursing

  Estimated Time of Completion: 15 minutes

Special instructions for this section of the application.


Screenshot - Nursing Program

Application Screenshot - Nursing Program

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Screenshot - Nursing Experience

Application Screenshot - Nursing Experience

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Screenshot - Nursing Residency

Application Screenshot - Nursing Residency

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  • Major
    Select... Nursing - LPN to BSN  or  Nursing - RN to BSN

  • Where did you earn the degree or certificate that led to your current nursing license level?
    Type in full and complete name of your school

  • When was this certificate/degree conferred?
    Include year

  • Academic History

    Our admissions staff need to know your nursing academic history so we can review your transcripts and your letter of good standing. If you were suspended or placed on probation, this will not terminate your application with us.
  • Are you currently enrolled in a nursing program at another institution or have you previously attended another nursing program which you did not complete?

    Our admissions staff need to know your nursing academic history so we can review your transcripts and your letter of good standing.
  • Complete this section only if you are currently enrolled in a Nursing Program:
    List all courses currently enrolled in

    The above question is for the RN to BSN program.
  • When will you complete the program?
    Please include the year

  • Click to add courses in progress

    This question is for the RN to BSN program.
  • Nursing Experience

    LPN applicants must have 2000 hours before starting the nursing classes. Students may still apply to the U of A and take the prerequisites while completing their 2000 hours.
  • Residency Information

    LPN students must be a permanent resident of the state in which they work and are licensed. This is based on individual state boards of nursing requirements. Only students residing in state board approved states are eligible for the nursing program. Residency is typically defined as the state that you live, work, pay taxes, have a driver's license, nursing license, etc. Each state board regulates nursing differently, and attending an unapproved school could present problems with practicums while in school, RN licensure post-graduation, and even plans to attend graduate school.

    Relocating to another state or country after program acceptance may lead to the University’s inability to continue to provide the nursing degree program, as the program is not authorized in all states. Please notify the nursing department of any potential changes in your state residence to confirm if the program can be continued.

  • Personal Statement

    Please provide at least one paragraph to relate your situation. Our admissions team wants to understand your education history and goals. How will earning a BSN from the U of A help you achieve these goals?



Selective Service

  Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute

Declare if you are eligible for selective service.




  Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute

Choose between Check/Money Order or Credit Card.

Once you submit the application a link will be provided to pay by credit card. If you chose Check/Money Order then directions will be provided. The application fee is non-refundable.




  Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute

A space to provide your digital signature will appear; you do not print the application.



Important Reminder

  Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute




  Estimated Time of Completion: 1 minute

Any items left incomplete in the application will appear here. Only completed applications can be submitted.

After you submit the application form you will receive an email:

Subject: Application Submitted - University of Arkansas Admissions Application Spring/Summer/(semester and year)

From: University of Arkansas Admissions  (

After you submit your application form, you will then have access to the Materials section of the Application Center.

Now that your application has been submitted, a member of our processing team will need to do an initial review of your information and update your checklist accordingly. This process may take up to 2 business days following your application being submitted so please do not have any documents sent right away.



Application Checklist

The application checklist shows you what additional materials you need to submit to complete your application. Your application is not complete until all materials are received. Your checklist should not be considered accurate until it has been reviewed by the admissions office which may take up to two business days after you submit your application.



Collegiate Transcripts

You will need to request official transcripts from each collegiate institution you have previously attended, even those where no degree was earned or from which transfer credit will not be awarded, such as non-regional schools. A transcript is only considered official if it is sent directly from your institution to the U of A.



The Registrar's Office will also not evaluate credit from one institution that is listed on another's transcript so please ensure that individual, official copies are sent.


It can take up to three weeks for the University to receive and evaluate your transcripts before your checklist will be updated to reflect that these items are on hand so please do not reach out until that 3-week threshold has passed. It is important to request your transcripts as soon as you submit your application.



If the name on your transcript is not an exact match to the names listed on your application, we may be unable to match your transcript when it is received. If you need to update previous names on your application after submission, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Admissions Counselor: Matthew Alan Hargis -

Office of the Registrar
141 Uptown East
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Collegiate transcripts pertaining to your undergraduate coursework transcripts should be sent to:, electronic filing service, or mail to the Registrar's Office.



All mailed documents must come directly from the school in question and may take 7-10 days to arrive.



High School / GED Transcripts

Office of Admissions
232 Silas Hunt Hall
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

High school or GED transcripts can be obtained by contacting the school or state you graduated from and asking them to issue the Office of Admissions an official copy of your transcript to or by mail. High school or GED transcripts are only required for New Freshmen or Transfer Freshmen (fewer than 24 transferable college hours).

If you were classified as a Transfer Freshman, you will be asked to supply standardized test scores as part of your admission. ACT and SAT scores expire after 5 years so you may need to take the Accuplacer instead to complete this checklist requirement. Our Testing Center is offering the Accuplacer online so if you are ready to schedule your test, please visit their website and use the steps below to ensure that you are signing up for the appropriate test. Once you have completed the test, please upload your score report in your New Student Center for submission.

  • Accuplacer
  • Online Proctored Accuplacer
  • [OP] Accuplacer – Combined ($45.00)

 If you have any questions about the test, please contact Testing Services at 479-575-3948 or



Fee Waiver Documentation

To qualify for a fee waiver, you must be able to provide documentation showing that you receive federal or state aid like SNAP Benefits, Medicaid or Pell Grants. Documentation of aid must include:

  • Your name
  • Date showing that aid is for this calendar/school year
  • Aid type or amount

If you see this item on your checklist, but none of these apply to you, please let your Admissions Counselor know and they will add a "pay now" link to your application checklist.




If there are any additional items on your checklist that are not noted above, please contact your Admissions Counselor or the Online Student Liaison Office for additional instructions.

Once your checklist is complete, you should expect to receive an admissions decision via email in 3-5 business days. You will receive an email to the email address provided on your application:

Subject:  A decision has been posted regarding your application for admission

From:  University of Arkansas Admissions  (



While You Wait to Hear Back

  • Apply for financial aid - contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 479-575-3806 for assistance.
  • Are you on active duty or are interested in utilizing Veteran’s benefits to pay for school?
    Please contact the Veterans Resource and Information Center to explore your options.
  • If there are prerequisites you still need to complete, you may want to consider exploring your options within the CLEP Test




  • Once you’re admitted, please proceed to New Online Student Checklist to activate your University accounts and to set up a meeting with an Academic Advisor (step 6).

Please visit and log in with the credentials you used when initially setting up the account to view your status.

The application processing team may add or remove items from your application checklist as a result of the information they see during the evaluation of your application, collegiate transcripts, and other supporting documents. Items that may be added/removed could include additional collegiate institutions that you did not list on the application, high school transcripts, standardized test scores or other supporting documents.

Admitted students should proceed with Online Student Checklist once they've received their official admissions decision via email. Here, you will activate your University accounts and can then proceed with scheduling a meeting with your academic adviser. It is important to note that your UAConnect homepage may not be complete until upwards of 72 hours following admission so you may not be able to view your transfer credit right away. This is okay.

The application for admission cannot be updated by the student once it has been submitted. Please email your admissions counselor with:

  • Your name
  • Student ID #
  • Information you wish to update

Collegiate transcripts will remain in processing for upwards of 3 weeks once they arrive in the Registrar's Office. These items will not be marked off your checklist immediately upon arriving so please allow for processing delays. If it has been more than 3 weeks since your transcript was sent, please reach out to your admissions counselor with the submission details of that document. Please allow an additional 10-14 days for mailed documents to arrive. Please see the Collegiate Transcripts section in the #3 Materials tab.

If you are unable to pay your application fee within your New Student Center portal, please contact the Office of Admissions and ask to pay your fee over the phone.


Office of Admissions