Online Transfer Credit Information

Online Transfer Credit Information

Are You Preparing to Transfer to the U of A and Want to Study Online?

The Transfer Planning Guide developed by the Office of the Registrar will show you the college credits previously accepted by the U of A from other institutions. Once you are on the Transfer Planning Guide website, select the institution from which you earned past college credit and then select the major you want to enroll in at the U of A in the future. The guide will display the courses required to earn a U of A degree in that major and which credit from a different institution (not the U of A) meet those requirements.

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How to use the Transfer Planning Guide.  (8:35)

Link to a short video that shows you how to use the Transfer Planning Guide.

Having Trouble With Your Transcripts?

If you submitted your application and requested your transcripts, but still don’t see them as received then follow these steps!


Step 1

Check that it was sent from your institution or a transcript ordering service directly to the U of A Office of the Registrar. Collegiate transcripts pertaining to your undergraduate coursework transcripts should be sent to:, electronic filing service, or mail to the Registrar's Office.

Office of the Registrar
141 Uptown East
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701


Step 2

A hold on your account at your previous institution may be preventing them from sending your transcripts. Holds may exist for a variety of reasons, but most often it is because of a financial balance owed to the institution. Contacting the registrar/records or finance (also called student accounts or treasurer’s) office at your prior institution is usually the place to start in clearing a hold impacting your transcripts.


Step 3

If you are still enrolled at the institution you are requesting a transcript from, they may be holding your transcript request until the grades are posted from your current term. While final transcripts will be needed to transfer courses to the U of A, admissions decisions can be made with one semester showing as in progress. If you need your transcript to meet an application deadline, contact your institution and request that your transcript be released with your grades still pending.


Step 4

After your transcripts are ordered and sent to the Registrar, if they are not on your record within three weeks then please consider completing this form. This form will also appear on your checklist to help our office match your transcript to your record. The Registrar's office needs to match the named used at your previous institution to the name you used on our application.