This graduate-level program is designed to prepare licensed K-12 teachers to develop competency in foundational concepts related to literacy acquisition, knowledge of student reading profiles, administration and interpretation of assessments to plan structured literacy instruction, and demonstration of professionalism in disposition and practice

The College of Education and Health Professions provides the coursework needed for licensed teachers to submit a request for the dyslexia endorsement from the Arkansas Department of Education.

Traditional financial aid and scholarships are not available for endorsement programs. Those teaching outside Arkansas should check with their home state's department of education to see if this coursework will be accepted for licensure endorsements in their home states.


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  Start Spring or Summer Only

Built Upon the Latest Research

The Dyslexia  Endorsement program is built upon the latest research and best practices for working with students with literacy instructional needs, including students with Dyslexia.  University of Arkansas Dyslexia Endorsement Program meets the requirements established by the Arkansas Department of Education for Phase I of Pathway R for demonstration of proficiency in scientific reading instruction. This program develops professional knowledge and skills to apply research-based strategies to improve literacy acquisition across the five processes of proficient reading and writing. Professionals with the Dyslexia Endorsement show competency in assessing students, developing explicit and systematic literacy instruction aligned with learner instructional needs, and collaborating with other professionals to build effective literacy instruction.    


Program of Study

The 15-credit program is offered throughout the year, with entry beginning spring or summer semesters. Coursework is offered in an online format to meet the needs of K-12 classroom educators. There is an option to do an on-campus practicum for a 5-week session. A practicum is required and preferred to be completed in a K-12 setting for those wishing to use their competencies in this environment. Educators receive the highest quality of instruction from faculty with a rich background of work in K-12 reading environments.

Courses in this endorsement program can be used toward requirements in a master's degree program in a related area, such as Special Education.

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Tuition / credit hour $437.54
Fee / credit hour
Library $4.41
Network & Data Systems $12.10
Off-campus $30
Online Facilities $2

Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2023 rates for students studying completely online. Students in online programs who take an on-campus course will pay on-campus fees, mandatory and college fees, for only the on-campus course.

Endorsement programs are not eligible for financial aid



Program Coordinator

  • Dr. Suzanne Kucharczyk
    Associate Professor
    Curriculum and Instruction


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