Online Course Readiness Quiz

Use this self-assessment to gauge your readiness for online learning.

The following four characteristics are common for successful online students:

  • Basic technical and academic skills
  • Ability to study independently
  • Good organizational skills
  • Willing to devote the same amount of time and effort as a face-to-face course

To get a good idea of your chances for success as an online student, rate how well each item below describes you. There are no right or wrong answers, so your first reaction is usually best.

* All questions require an answer.

COMPUTER SKILLS Not at all like me
Extremely like me
I am capable of attaching image files to an email message.
I am worried my assignments might get lost if I have to submit them online.
I can use common software, like MS Word and PowerPoint.
I know how to install new software on my computer.
I can use a camera or phone-camera, and upload the photos to my computer.
LEARNING STYLE Not at all like me
Extremely like me
I like to use the web to explore new topics I am interested in.
A lot of my social connections depend on writing/texting/email/social media.
Much of my leisure time is spent on a computer.
I am comfortable learning new computer skills.
I get tired or overwhelmed if I have to read a lot of text on the computer.
ONLINE LEARNING Not at all like me
Extremely like me
I need online courses because of my personal/work schedule.
It is difficult for me to go to campus every day to attend classes.
My home environment has ample quiet time when I could complete my coursework.
I have access to a private computer where I can take quizzes and exams.
I need online courses because I live far away from the U of A campus.
ACADEMIC SKILLS Not at all like me
Extremely like me
I am capable of seeking and finding help when I have a problem.
I often need reminders about assignment due dates.
Sometimes I overlook details in written instructions.
I often complete tasks at the last minute, or I have to ask for time extensions.
I enjoy a good written debate when everyone behaves professionally.

This self-assessment test is inspired by the test created by Marcel S. Kerr, Kimberly Rynearson, and Marcus C. Kerr.
TOOLS: Test of Online Learning Success