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Tuition / credit hour $255.51
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Library $4.16
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Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2022 rates for students studying completely online. If an online student takes a course on campus, tuition and fees will differ.

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Spanish at the U of A

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Why Study Spanish Online at the University of Arkansas?

This degree can broaden your horizons, improve your soft communication and critical thinking skills, and prepare you for a multicultural and multilingual workforce. Takeaways for students in the program include:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the language in all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
  • A critical understanding and overview of cultures, civilizations, and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • An awareness of diversity and cultural nuance that enables soft skills for effective communication with people from different backgrounds.
  • Practice in the spoken language to meet employer demand for a truly bilingual workforce.
  • Opportunities for experiential, hands-on learning in service-based courses delivered online and available with the summer study abroad program in Puebla, Mexico.
  • Elective course options tailored specifically for heritage and second-language learners available, as well as service-based courses in Spanish for the Professions, to be chosen in consultation with the online BA adviser from the Spanish faculty.

Benefits of a Degree in Spanish

Our students recognize the high value of a major or minor in Spanish to enhance their academic preparation in virtually every field of professional endeavor, throughout the United States and across our hemisphere. According to data from a 2019 survey by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages:

  • Nine of 10 employers say they rely on bilingual or multilingual employees.
  • 56% of senior managers report their demand for bilingual or multilingual speakers will increase in the next five years.
  • One in four employers believed they had lost business because of a lack of world language skills in their workforce.
  • One in three report their workforce has a significant language-skills gap.


Careers Open to Graduates with a Degree in Spanish

The Northwest Arkansas Council has consistently emphasized that Arkansas, like so many high, new growth areas in the United States, desperately needs more bilingual professionals.

  • Bilingual employees and supervisors in business, health care, industry, and government service
  • Bilingual teachers across all disciplines
  • Teachers of Spanish for both heritage and second-language learners
  • Translators and interpreters

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Puebla/Madrid Study Abroad

Students can earn 6 to 12 of their credits in the Spanish major in dedicated summer study abroad programs to Puebla and Madrid with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish-speaking cultures and gain real-world, hands-on experience for work in a diverse, multi-cultural, and globalized society.  The Puebla program has particularly advantages and applicability for students in the online Spanish BA, with its immersive, service-learning curriculum available in the students’ choice of Healthcare, Business, Education, Engineering, or Community Service.

Puebla Program   Madrid Program


Globalization Creates Demand

Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million speakers in 31 countries, and it is the fourth most-spoken native language in the world. Spanish is also a rapidly growing second language in the United States. In many new destination areas such as Arkansas and the so-called “new South,” Latinos are now the largest minority group in the United States, at more than 18% of the population.

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