Help Families of All Ages with an Online Degree in Human Development

Do you like working with people? This bachelor’s degree program will prepare you for human services careers that assist individuals and families of all ages, from infants to seniors. You will gain knowledge and skills that you can use to help others cope with crises or help them plan better lives.

Lifespan Development in Diverse Contexts, the degree concentration offered online, provides coursework that will help you identify and understand complex social issues so that you can respond with actions and resources that foster positive change. You will learn how to accept and appreciate the diversity of individuals and families, and you will understand how internal or external crises, social issues, culture, socioeconomics, race and gender impact people’s lives.


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Learn About Careers in Human Development and Family Sciences

Every company, business and organization has a human element, and where there is a human element, there is a need for human services. Whether you are an introvert who prefers working with data and research or are an extrovert with ...

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Academic Advising Plays Part in Success of Students Studying Online

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