The Walton Executive MBA
at the University of Arkansas

Designed for students who are already working as managers or executives, the Sam M. Walton College of Business blends the flexibility of online coursework with the engagement of face-to-face learning. Required monthly gatherings at our top-ranked, accredited business school encourage business professionals to network, share and grow.

An MBA degree is invaluable for students who want to improve their leadership and management skills, advance their careers, or change careers. Since more than 30 companies are represented in each class, the networking opportunities are incredible.


Tracks Include

  • Business Analytics
  • General Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain

The healthcare administration concentration is offered in partnership with the U of A for Medical Sciences. Study with world-class faculty online, with weekend classroom instruction once per month on the Fayetteville campus.


Executive MBA Curriculum Focus

Because the Walton College is located in the heart of the retail industry, we have designed our Executive MBA curriculum with a strong foundation in the value chain and the consumer-packaged goods industry.

We focus on applications-based learning through cases and projects that can be quickly applied to your current workplace. By organizing around the value chain, the Walton Executive MBA (EMBA) blends theory with analysis of real-world business solutions.

Perfect for the Working Professional

Jerra Nalley, a Walton Executive MBA alumna, discusses how the program gave her the necessary skills, experience, and connections to embark on a new career: Creator and Director of Leisurlist.

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All admissions requirements can be found on the Graduate School of Business website.



  Tuition / Program Estimates

Total = $47,963.22

*Total amount includes books and other program costs associated with professional programs.

Additional expenses will include, but may not be limited to Housing, Laptop, Parking, and Travel.

Financial Aid  


Tuition / credit hour $634.96
Fee / credit hour
Program $528.39
Course Material $100
Off-campus $30
Technology $7

Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2024 rates.



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