Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management

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Credit Hours

Tuition / credit hour $303.88
Fee / credit hour  
Technology $50
For non-OMGT/EMGT engineering courses

Tuition and fees per credit hour reflect fall 2022 rates for students studying completely online. If an online student takes a course on campus, tuition and fees will differ.

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Learn it Today. Use it Tomorrow.

In today’s global environment, engineering managers lead technical teams to create sustainable processes to develop and improve hardware and software products and services to create value for their organization, customers, users, and stakeholders.

Learn to manage engineering activities and lead a technical work force. Working engineers can prepare for an engineering management position by taking certificate courses in 8-week sessions. Professionals will gain management principles and problem-solving skills while studying online. Learn practical skills today that you can use on the job tomorrow. 

Students with an ABET-accredited engineering degree can apply graduate certificate course hours to the MS in Engineering Management and MS in Engineering degrees. Students with other STEM degrees can apply certificate hours to MS in Operations Management.


What are the Benefits?

  • Gain the ability to select and apply the appropriate tools and analysis methods to improve engineering management and systems engineering processes to achieve the organizational mission
  • Be ready to plan and lead projects to improve engineering management processes and deliver products and services
  • Gain the ability to concisely communicate with decision-makers


What you will learn

  • Engineering management concepts, principles and practices
  • Skills to lead engineering management projects to provide new or improved products and services
  • Problem-solving methods using systems thinking and systems engineering principles



Core courses (9 hours)

  • EMGT 5033 - Introduction to Engineering Management
  • EMGT 5603 - Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering
  • OMGT 5783 - Project Management for Operations Managers

Electives (select one)

  • OMGT 5003 - Introduction to Operations Management
  • OMGT 5253 - Leadership Principles and Practices
  • OMGT 5463 - Economic Decision Making


Admissions Requirements

  • Meet U of A graduate school requirements.
  • An ABET-accredited bachelor’s degree in engineering or a STEM degree from a regionally accredited program.
  • Students with degrees that are not ABET-accredited may be required to take prerequisites.



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