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Health Services for University of Arkansas Students in Arkansas Who Study Exclusively Online

The University of Arkansas cares about your health and wellness. The Pat Walker Health Center provides medical, mental health, and substance use and support services for on-campus students in Fayetteville. Beginning in fall 2023, the health center will begin a pilot program to offer some of its services to students located in Arkansas who are studying exclusively online.

These online students can access medical providers, mental health clinicians and mental health practitioners either by telephone, computer or in person (for those who live near Fayetteville).

  Telehealth Services Quick Links

Medical Telehealth Services

The health center’s medical clinics bill a patient’s insurance for all medical services (including psychiatry services) or the patient can choose to self-pay. The medical clinics can file claims with most health insurance plans, and patients have the option to self-pay, if desired. Learn more about billing and insurance on the health center’s Billing and Insurance page.


Schedule a TeleVisit Appointment

Primary Care Clinic

  • Schedule via the Patient Portal
    (log in with your UARK credentials)
  • 479-575-4451, option 1

GYN (Women's) Clinic

  • Schedule via the Patient Portal
    (log in with your UARK credentials)
  • 479-575-4478

Using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, TeleVisits let you access health care services while in the comfort of your own home or other private location. Established patients of the Pat Walker Health Center are eligible for visits, but you must be in the state of Arkansas at the time of your TeleVisit to be eligible. HIPPA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which includes privacy rules.

Mental Health Telehealth Services

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) offer critical mental health services such as short-term individual counseling, psychiatry, 24/7 emergency mental health services, and case management. Most services are covered (no out-of-pocket expense) for students. Group counseling is available to online students who can meet in person with others at the clinic.


The health center offers:

  • Short-term individual counseling
  • Psychiatry (billed to insurance or self-pay)
  • 24/7 mental health emergency services
  • Case management

Getting Started with CAPS

At CAPS, we strive to facilitate the total development of students by reducing psychological problems and distress and by enhancing mental health, well-being, quality of life, and supporting aspirations to “be well to do well.”  Our primary focus is on providing short-term, confidential counseling aimed at helping students succeed academically and interpersonally.

To do so, CAPS utilizes a Care Matching Model that is designed to identify an individualized plan to promote student autonomy and empowerment in their care.

The options provided to students are tailored to meet their specific needs using a diversity of resources offered by the counseling center, campus partners, and community providers.


Students who are interested in getting started with CAPS:

  • Call 479-575-5276 to discuss options or
  • Walk in during business hours (if near Fayetteville)


Emergency Services

CAPS also offers 24-hour emergency mental health services by calling 479-575-5276.

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Substance Use and Support Telehealth Services

PWHC’s Substance Education, Assessment and Recovery (SEAR) program provides direct individual and group interventions to university students with alcohol, cannabis, and other substance related concerns. Email to schedule an appointment with SEAR for alcohol and drug abuse assessments and more.


SEAR logo

Services include:

  • Substance education and prevention
  • Confidential brief individual interventions
  • Information about peer support and on-campus support meetings


In-Person Services for Northwest Arkansas Online-Only Students

Medical Services

  • Call 479-575-4451
  • Schedule via the Patient Portal
    (log in with your UARK credentials)
  • Walk in to set up an appointment to be seen at one of the medical clinics

Mental Health Services

Substance Use & Support Services

Email to schedule an appointment with Substance Education, Assessment and Recovery (SEAR) for alcohol and drug abuse assessments and more.

Need Help?

You can reach out to an online student liaison or you can contact the Pat Walker Health Center:

Patient Portal

(log in with your UARK credentials)

Medical Services

Primary Care
479-575-4451 (option 1)

GYN (Women's) Clinic

Mental Health Services


Additional resources

Substance Use & Support Services