Coaching for Online Students

Online Student Coaching

What is a Coach?

A coach is a staff member from Global Campus who is dedicated to the success of online students. The coach acts as your cheerleader and your personal guide to academic resources provided by the U of A. They will proactively reach out to students if there are indicators that they may be struggling in a course. A coach is someone outside of their academic program that students can meet with to learn about student support services, get connected to resources, and stay on track.

The Insider Webinar

Join one of our live webinars to speak with a coach and learn how we can help you succeed. We have episodes every last Tuesday of the month. We discuss the latest topics in online learning, tips and tools students need to be successful, and upcoming events at the University!

Online Student Union

Schedule An Appointment With a Coach

  1. Log in to Blackboard Learn
  2. Scroll down to Assist
  3. Scroll down to UASuccess
  4. Look for your coach

Email or schedule an appointment with your coach...


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Email or schedule an appointment with your coach...


Schedule Now


Students admitted to an online undergraduate program. Students will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with their coach upon admission for assistance in orientation.

The U of A Student Success programs are available to both campus and online students. Generally online students can access student success services online or through virtual appointments. You can access Student Success services or set up a meeting with your coach to discuss how to connect with the services to best suit your needs.

No. All of these services are online. Meetings with your coach can be done outside of regular 8am to 5pm office hours.

There is no additional cost. The cost access to the academic coach and for these academic services is covered in your tuition & fees.

If you have a quick question about the U of A you can always speak with an Online Student Liaison at 479-575-6493.

At this time you will need to schedule a call with a coach.

Students are not required to meet with a coach.

Students are required to meet with their adviser. Coaches will not advise you on your course enrollments or petitions and they cannot enroll you in courses. Coaches are in contact with the academic advisers for online students to provide a quality level of service.