Self-Paced Online Courses Program

Students, please note the following changes effective fall 2016:

  1. Charges for self-paced courses will be due on the first day of the enrollment session.
  2. Grade rosters will be available to course instructors at the beginning of the fifth week of the enrollment session.

Self-Paced Online (correspondence) Courses provide a high degree of flexibility. Set your own tempo, and choose which session you want to start. The initial enrollment period is about 12 weeks, and most courses require proctored exams.

You must be self-disciplined to pace yourself through the coursework and finish within the allotted time. Consult your academic advisor if you want the course to count toward a University of Arkansas degree.

It is not necessary to be formally admitted through the Office of Admissions to enroll in self-paced courses.

  • Self-paced courses allow students to take web-based correspondence courses at their own pace, rather than following a structure set by faculty and instructors. You are not required to be admitted to the U of A to take a self-paced course, and you cannot earn a degree by taking only self-paced courses.
  • Traditional online courses provide a structured learning environment that is led by a faculty member or instructor, who sets the pace for the class. Although you may not be required to meet online at a set time, you will have assignment due dates, structured interaction with classmates and other deadlines set out by the course syllabus. You must be admitted as a U of A student to enroll in online courses, and you can earn a degree by taking only online courses.
  • There are 20+ sessions per calendar year in which students may request enrollment. Session start and end dates and dates on which Requests for Enrollment may be submitted are outlined on the Self-Paced Course Calendar.
  • Three sessions per year will be reserved exclusively for students enrolling under financial aid guidelines.
  • With the exception of the summer “financial aid” session, all sessions will be just under 12 weeks in length.
  • Students will be enrolled on a space-available basis in the order in which Requests for Enrollment are received.
  • Three financial aid sessions are available each year, and are reserved for students who will use any type of aid (including scholarships, loans, grants) to cover costs of their Self-Paced Course and/or students who need the credit hours from their Self-Paced Courses to maintain eligibility for any type of aid, including the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship.
  1. Check the Self-Paced course calendar to confirm whether the deadline to drop has passed. Go to the Enrollment & Calendar Information page, select your enrollment session start date (which was included on your enrollment confirmation) from the drop-down list, and look for Deadline to drop without “W” and Deadline to drop with "W."
  2. Provided the final deadline to drop has not passed, send an email from your UARK email account to stating your name and the self-paced course you wish to drop. The date of the email will be used to determine what, if any, fee adjustment will be made. Emails sent from other accounts (e.g., gmail, yahoo) will not be accepted.

Call 479-575-3647 or 800-638-1217 should you have questions.

Enrollment & Calendar Information

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition $130 per credit hour
  • Fees $30 per credit hour
  • Textbooks are not included in the costs above