Self-Paced for University of Arkansas Students


The University of Arkansas is phasing out Self-Paced Online Courses. A reduced number of courses is being offered in 2023. The final day to request enrollment will be June 18, 2023.

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Credit Toward a Degree

Consult your U of A academic adviser if you want to apply a self-paced course toward a U of A degree.


Semester Credit Hours

SPOC courses normally do not count toward your credit hours of enrollment for the semester. If you are required to be enrolled in a specific number of credit hours for the semester and want SPOC courses to count toward that requirement, you must select a start date labeled for financial aid/scholarship enrollment.


Financial Aid

If you wish to pay for self-paced courses by using financial aid, loans or scholarships, you must enroll in a session with a specific start date, following financial aid/scholarship guidelines.

$ = Enrollment under financial aid / scholarship guidelines only.


Spanish Classes

Elementary and Intermediate Spanish self-paced courses are now "semi-structured" with specific deadlines during the enrollment period, and no enrollment extensions are available.

Current U of A
Degree-seeking Students

View a brief video explaining how self-paced courses count toward part-time or full-time enrollment status.

Video for current U of A degree-seeking students


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