Self-Paced for Non-U of A Students


The University of Arkansas is phasing out Self-Paced Online Courses. A reduced number of courses is being offered in 2022-2023. The final day to request enrollment will be June 18, 2023.

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NOTE:  Some students are required to pay a $5 identity-verification fee before enrolling in self-paced online courses. This fee does not apply to current, degree-seeking U of A students.   

Students must successfully complete an identity verification process ($5 fee) with ProctorU if they:

  • Have not been admitted as a degree-seeking student through the University of Arkansas Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, or International Admissions in the past 10 years.
  • Have not been enrolled at the University of Arkansas in the past 10 years (excludes self-paced online courses).
  • Have not taken ProctorU's identity confirmation exam for the University of Arkansas in the past 5 years.

Do not complete the identity verification process unless you have been notified by Global Campus. Detailed instructions will be provided if action is needed.

Questions?    479-575-3647

Do NOT apply for admission
to the U of A

You can take a self-paced course from the U of A by requesting enrollment in a course. You do not have to pay a fee to apply.


Credit Toward a Degree

Consult your institution to determine whether it will accept U of A self-paced courses as part of your degree requirement.


Spanish Classes

Elementary and Intermediate Spanish self-paced online courses are now "semi-structured" with specific deadlines during the enrollment period, and no enrollment extensions are available

Students Taking Self-Paced Online Courses Exclusively

View brief videos explaining how self-paced courses count toward part-time or full-time enrollment status.

Video for students taking self-paced online courses exclusively


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