Proctored Exams


The University of Arkansas is phasing out Self-Paced Online Courses.
The deadline to request enrollment was June 18, 2023.

Applications for enrollment are no longer being accepted.

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Proctored exams must be taken with ProctorU and scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. If you do not schedule your exam within this time frame, there is no guarantee that an appointment will be available.

  • You may schedule an appointment with ProctorU even if you have not completed all the assignments that come before the exam in the course.
  • However, prior to your appointment, you must have submitted all the assignments that come before the exam in the course. If these assignments are not submitted, the exam will not be available to you in Blackboard.
  • The link to the exam can be found in the “Taking Exams” section of your course in Blackboard below “How and When to take Exams.”

Taking Exams with ProctorU


STEP 1: Schedule your exam

  • Schedule exams at least 72 hours in advance
  • Confirm your institution - University of Arkansas
  • Select term - "Self-Paced Online Courses"
  • Select your exam
  • When finished, select "Find Session"
  • View detailed instructions

STEP 2: Test your computer

STEP 3: Check for Exam Link

  • Make sure the link to your exam appears in Blackboard.
  • Prior to your appointment, click on Taking Exams and confirm that the link to the exam appears. See the Proctored Exams section of our FAQ page for troubleshooting tips.

STEP 4: Take your exam


Technical Support      855-772-8678

What you need for your exam:


A photo ID

A quiet location




A mirror or a reflective surface


Keep In Mind

  • Proctored exams cannot be taken using a cell phone, tablet, or Chromebook.
  • Be prepared to spend ~20 minutes before the exam for authentication and technical preparations.
  • Schedule exams at least 72 hours in advance to ensure an appointment is available.
  • Find a location with:
    • Minimum distractions
    • Good internet connection (not a coffee shop)
  • To take the exam, first log into ProctorU and start the appointment. Then your proctor will direct you to Blackboard. The proctor will enter the exam password.
  • Be respectful to your proctor.