Undergraduate Orientation for Online Students

Welcome to online orientation for University of Arkansas students. These step-by-step instructions will help you get connected with the U of A and gain access to tools and information that you need to be successful in your academic career.

If you have a question or need help to stay on track, contact the Student Liaison Office.


Need Tech Support?



  • 1Activate Your
    Student Account
  • 2Activate Your
    Student Email
  • 3Access Your
    Student Center
  • 4New Student
  • 5Schedule an
    Advising Session
  • 6Take the
    Next Steps
  • 7Access Your
    Online Classes
  • 8Get Help,
    Find Resources

Your first step to accessing almost everything U of A



Activate your UARK account and create a password to access student email, campus networks, Blackboard Learn, University Libraries, and other U of A online services.

Blackboard Learn (Step 7) is the system used to deliver online classes, see your grades, connect with your instructor, and access help and resources.

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Activate New Account - newuser.uark.edu
newuser.uark.edu - Activate Your Account

Activate New Account
Activate new account link

Account Verification
Account Verification form

The U of A uses your email address to communicate with you


The U of A (instructors, the treasurer’s office, your academic advisers, etc.) will send important information to you through your UARK email address. Learn more at student email accounts on the Information Technology Services website.

UARK Gmail at email.uark.edu offers all the familiar and popular features of regular Gmail. Setting up UARK Gmail on a phone, tablet or in a desktop email application requires a separate password.

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UARK Gmail Information
Uark Gmail - Get Started

Email Login - email.uark.edu
Uark Gmail Login - email.uark.edu

Access your Student Center in UAConnect, the U of A’s student information system 


Your "Student Center" in UAConnect allows you access to your admissions, academic and financial information. Here, you can view your academic records,  enroll in classes, access financial information, see important notifications, and handle other tasks – all online.

Go to UAConnect and click “myConnect” and follow the prompt to sign in with your UARK user name (your email address) and password (the password you created in Step 1).

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UAConnect - myConnect
UAConnect - myConnect

UAConnect Student Center

This is an important to-do list to complete before you schedule a session with your academic advisor. Make sure you are completely admitted, your credits transferred, and you’re ready for an advising session.


Are you completely admitted?
Better Double-Check That!

  • Go to your Student Center in UAConnect and click on the “Admissions” icon on the “Student Homepage.” Enrollment Appointment Dates indicate when you are eligible to register for classes. If you do not see a date in this box, you should contact the Admissions and/or Registrar’s Office to make sure you have completed all the necessary steps for term activation.

Are you transferring credit from another institution?

Do you have non-advising holds in UA Connect?

  • Make sure to remove any non-advising holds. You will find holds under “Notifications” in your student center in UAConnect

    • If you have an immunization hold contact the Pat Walker Health Center. Email to immu@uark.edu or fax to 479-575-7789 to inform them that you are an online student to have the hold removed.
    • The "Holds Box" will indicate any holds you may have (i.e.: Advising, Immunization, etc).
      • Advising Holds can only be removed once you have officially been advised (see Step 5 - Scheduling an Advising Session).
      • Pre-registration holds can be removed by you. This is your term Financial Agreement found in the ‘To-Do’ box in your Student Center. Click the hyperlink for the Financial Agreement and follow the instructions. This will need to be completed each semester.

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UAConnect - myConnect
UAConnect - myConnect

Student Center - Admissions & Notifications Links
UAConnect Student Center Admissions and Notifications links

Advisors help you select the right classes and stay on track


The process for scheduling an advising session is different, depending on your degree program. Once you have been advised, you can register for classes through your Student Center on UAConnect (see Step 3 for instructions on accessing UA Connect).

B.A. in Communication,
B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies,
Child Advocacy Studies Certificate,
Geospatial Technologies Certificate
J. William College of Arts and Sciences

  1. To schedule an appointment, please call (479) 575-3307.
    Visit the Fulbright Transfer Central site for more information.
  2. Please have a copy of your current transcript available during your advising appointment if you are taking courses this semester.

Fulbright College Tips for Your Advising Appointment

  • Make a list of questions and concerns that you would like to cover during your advising appointment.
  • Print a copy of your degree check-list from the Fulbright Transfer Central website and check off the courses you have already taken.
  • Prepare a list of classes you would like to take for the upcoming semester.

Skype and phone appointments are available. For a Skype appointment, you must have a strong Internet connection. Also, you need to be on a desktop or laptop. We cannot Skype via mobile devices.

B.S.B.A in Accounting
B.S.B.A in General Business
B.S.B.A in Supply Chain Management

Sam M. Walton College of Business

For advising appointments, call 479-575-6308. Be sure to mention that you are a new online student when requesting your appointment.

B.S.E. in Human Resource and Workforce Development
L.P.N. to B.S. in Nursing
R.N. to B.S. in Nursing
College of Education and Health Professions

  1. Log into Blackboard Learn
  2. Click "UA Success" in the top right corner
  3. Click "My Success Network" on the left side of the screen
  4. Search for your name and then click "schedule an appointment"

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Blackboard Learn - UASuccess Link
Blackboard Learn - UASuccess Link

Enroll in classes, get an ID card, buy books, pay tuition, seek academic accommodations, more


  1. Registration
    1. View your registration dates and enroll in classes at UAConnect.
    2. Find PDF help guides on different UAConnect topics online.
    3. Contact the Office of the Registrar for specific registration questions. The registrar’s office also provides a full list of registration periods.

  2. University ID Card
    Online students, like on campus students, can purchase University ID cards from the Campus Card Office. This is an option, not a requirement, for online students. Follow these steps to purchase your ID.

  3. Books
    You can purchase your books anywhere textbooks are sold. The University of Arkansas Bookstore provides textbooks in a variety of formats: new, used, rental and digital. You can find out which books are required for your courses through the bookstore website, even if you intend to purchase them from another vendor. If purchasing books from another vendor, pay close attention to the edition number and ISBN number of the book to ensure you are purchasing the correct book. 

  4. Tuition
    1. You can view tuition details at UAConnect. The system allows you to check your account balance, make a payment, print a student invoice, and more. Click the “Treasurer’s Office” button in your Student Center.
    2. Click the Financial Aid button on the UAConnect Student Homepage to accept or decline awards, get financial aid information, and to connect with the Financial Aid Office and the Scholarship Office.
    3. You also can find information on paying tuition on the Treasurer’s Office website, such as deadlines for payments and options to make arrangements for installment payments. You also can call 479-575-5651.

  5. Academic Accommodations
    Notify the Center for Educational Access if you need to arrange academic accommodations to overcome a barrier, such as a disability. The Center for Educational Access assists students with disabilities and provides accommodations to remove barriers to educational access, enabling all students to have access to a full range of programs and services.

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UAConnect - myConnect
UAConnect - myConnect

Treasurer's Office & Financial Aid Links
UAConnect Student Center - Treasurer's Office and Financial Aid links

Blackboard Learn is the system used to deliver online classes, see your grades, connect with your instructor, and access help and resources.


Blackboard Learn is an online learning management system that connects you with your online courses.

Go to https://learn.uark.edu and follow the prompts to sign in with your UARK user name (email address) and the password you selected (Step 1).

Before the first day of class, you will not have access to any of your courses. In the meantime, you can enroll in a Blackboard Tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to upload assignments, access blogs entries, comment on discussion boards, and connect with your instructor and classmates.

When you sign in on the first day of class, you will have access to your courses, announcements, learning technology tools, resources, and much more.

IMPORTANT: The appearance of Blackboard Learn will vary by student. Courses will appear in Blackboard by the first scheduled day of the course.

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Blackboard Login
Blackboard Learn Login

Blackboard Questions & Help
Blackboard Learn Help

Blackboard - My Courses Panel
Blackboard Learn - My Courses

Technology support, financial aid, academic help, academic calendar, tools, orientation tips.


Technology Help

Help.uark.edu is your one-stop access to campus-wide support for computer technology, Blackboard Learn help, network issues, and general assistance.

You will also find links to technology support in Blackboard Learn (Step 7).

Financial Aid

Visit the Financial Aid website for information about available programs and links to helpful sites like the Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA), which is free. Videos will help guide you through the process. If you’ve applied for financial aid, you can check the progress in your Students Center on UAConnect (Step 3).


Get information about applications and available scholarships through the Academic Scholarship Office  Students studying in online degree programs can apply for the W.E. Manning Memorial scholarship

Tutoring, Writing Support and More

The U of A Center for Learning and Student Success, a.k.a. CLASS+, provides academic coaching, supplemental instruction, tutoring, writing support and more.

Educational Accommodations

The Center for Educational Access assists students with disabilities and provides accommodations to remove barriers to educational access, enabling all students to have access to a full range of programs and services.


Access U of A Libraries to find online resources, data bases, and library services. Connect with library help by phone, email, text or chat.

Almost Everything Else

The One Stop Student Guide is a web page that provides links to many U of A resources.

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IT Help Portal
IT Help Portal - help.uark.edu

Blackboard Learn Help Links
Blackboard Learn Help Links